Zygomatic Dental Implants

Zygomatic dental implants are used in the upper jaw where ordinary dental implants are no longer an option due to significant bone loss. Zygomatic implants are titanium screws, same as regular dental implants but longer and are placed into the cheek bone, zygoma, when considerable bone loss in the upper jaw has occurred.

It is common for the upper jaw bone to shrink where teeth are not present and in some cases, the bone loss is too great to provide support for regular dental implants without undergoing a sinus lift and bone grafting.  This procedure can be complex and prolong treatment therefore, Zygomatic implants can be of a great advantage. The Zygomatic arch or cheek bone is very strong and bulky so the Zygomatic implants can anchor into the bone providing sturdy support for implant bridgework.

As with regular dental implant treatment, the treatment planning and preparation may include a CT scan of the bone so that your implantologist can assess the level and quality of bone and precisely plan where the implants will be placed.

At ConfiDental Clinic, Purley, please feel free to contact our reception team who will be happy to arrange your fee consultation to discuss zygomatic dental implants or other options.

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