White Fillings

White fillings or Composites are now widely used as an alternative to unsightly metal restorations. Modern day white fillings are now stronger and more durable making them not only ideal for front teeth restorations, they are also suitable and commonly used for restorations on molar teeth (back teeth) as they can withstand the pressures of mastication. Not only are White Fillings as strong and as long lasting as mercury fillings, they also have many other advantages:

  • Aesthetically pleasing. Look and feel just like a natural tooth and do not cause the unsightly grey stained look that mercury materials leave
  • Conservative treatment. Mercury material has to be packed into a prepared cavity which can result with healthy tooth tissue having to be removed to secure the filling. Composite material bonds directly to the tooth tissue meaning minimal preparation is required
  • ┬áLess prone to leakage as composite material is bonded directly to the tooth surface
  • Unlike Composite materials, Mercury fillings expand once set causing internal pressure to the tooth

As well as restoring decayed teeth, White Fillings can be placed on front teeth to improve aesthetics such as correcting chips, improving the shape, covering abrasions, closing gaps etc. This is known as Dental Bonding. The shade of the composite material will be matched to your surrounding teeth, allowing the restoration to blend in seamlessly.

If you are unhappy with the aesthetics of your teeth, your cosmetic dentist at ConfiDental Clinic Purley will be happy to discuss your options either during your regular check up or contact us to arrange a Free Consultation.

White Fillings Before and After

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  • AfterAfter
  • BeforeBefore
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