Tooth Extraction

At ConfiDental Clinic Purley, we encourage preserving as much of the healthy tooth tissue as possible and believe tooth extraction should be avoided where possible. However, it is sometimes necessary to have a tooth / teeth extracted for the following reasons:

Some reasons why your Dental Surgeon may advise an extraction:

  • If a tooth ache is so severe and it does not have a good long term prognosis
  • If a tooth is severely broken down and un-restorable
  • If a root canal treatment has failed and a re-root treatment is not an option
  • If a tooth has a negative impact on surrounding teeth, i.e. impacted wisdom tooth

Tooth extractions are carried out under a local anaesthetic so treatment is pain free, all you should feel is painless pressure around the area. All our clinical staff at ConfiDental Clinic Purley are here to put you at ease and make you feel as comfortable as possible. Our dental surgeons use gentle extraction techniques using peritomes and luxators to ease out the tooth and root and ensuring as much bone as possible is preserved. Bone preservation is important for many reasons. Not only does it prevent pain and swelling following treatment, it helps aesthetically by avoiding the sunken look associated with bone loss and will aid dental implant treatment should you wish to replace the gap with this option.

Following your extraction, postoperative instructions will be provided and discussed with you by your practitioner. It is normal to experience some mild swelling, tenderness or soreness in the area after an extraction which subsides within a couple of days. You can ease these symptoms by taking regular painkillers which you would usually take for a headache and use salt water rinses to prevent infection. Should these symptoms persist, worsen or swelling develops, you should contact the practice immediately and we will arrange follow up care.

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