Smile Makeover in Purley

At ConfiDental Clinic Purley, our cosmetic dental experts can revive your smile by improving the appearance of your teeth and restoring health and function. Smile makeovers are the ideal way to achieve the smile you've always dreamed of. Your cosmetic dentist will discuss your concerns and use their expertise and knowledge to design your bespoke Smile Makeover treatment plan.

Smile makeovers usually involve a combination of treatments and can include Tooth Whitening, restorations such as white fillings, veneer or crown work, Dental bridges or Implants. Orthodontic options to straighten your teeth can be carried out, you could even have teeth and/or gum contouring or Dermal Fillers for fuller, plumper lips and reduce ‘smokers’ lines.

Please refer to our treatment list below for a full view of what can be achieved.

What treatments might I have?

We use a wide range of treatments to correct a wide range of problems –

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