Multiple Tooth Replacement

If there are a number of teeth that are missing, they may either be replaced with individual implants for each tooth or by joining two or more implants to make an implant retained bridge. As there are less implants required for the latter option, it makes it more cost effective for patients wishing to replace multiple teeth with dental implant treatment. These implants provide stability and stimulate the surrounding bone to prevent significant bone loss. The crowns are then fabricated and connected to the implants with a centre crown (or central crowns depending on how many teeth are being replaced) that sits over the gums.

The need for replacing missing molar teeth (back teeth) cannot be stressed enough. Their function whilst eating is immensely important as they are designed to do all the grinding and chewing and take the full force of mastication. If these molar teeth are missing, the actions of grinding and chewing food is transferred to surrounding teeth, which in turn causes stress and risk of damage as this is not their purpose.

The need for replacing front teeth is obviously important for aesthetics but also for speech and functional aspects during eating too. Multiple dental implant treatment is the ultimate to replace more than one tooth for either back or front teeth. They are a strong long term solution and the nearest alternative there is to natural teeth for all aspects involving aesthetics, function, maintaining an oral hygiene routine and reliability.

At ConfiDental Clinic Purley, our implants are placed by Dr Patel who has completed a Masters Degree in Dental Implantology and is highly experienced with dental implant treatment. If you would like to discuss your options for replacing multiple missing teeth, Dr Patel will be happy to see you for a free consultation.

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