Implant Retained Dentures

Dental implants can be used in cases where multiple teeth are to be replaced or dentures need to be stabilised. The amount of dental implants necessary for these procedures can be reduced making treatment more cost effective.

Your dentist at ConfiDental Clinic, Purley will confirm the number of implants required to provide the desired result following your assessment. With implant retained dentures, much fewer implants are required to support the restoration. The connection posts on the implants are designed to click or lock into the denture therefore stabilising it.

The benefits of implant retained dentures are:

  • Confidence – they are stable, fixed and comfortable. No more humiliating scenarios caused by loose dentures
  • Substantially improves your ability to chew, eat whatever you want confidently and enjoy your food again
  • Look and feel just like natural teeth
  • Eliminate the need for sticky and messy denture adhesives / pastes
  • Implants help to preserve bone levels therefore maintaining your facial structures and preventing the sunken look
  • Minimises lines and wrinkles around the mouth by maintaining lip-support

ConfiDental Clinic, Purley offers free consultations to discuss your treatment options. If you would like further information, please contact us today.

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