Gum Lift

If you have what’s known as ‘a gummy smile’ then our cosmetic dentists at ConfiDental Clinic Purley can help correct this. We use the latest techniques and equipment to reshape and lift the gum line to enhance the shape of your teeth, and create a perfect natural gum line. This simple procedure produces remarkable results and can change your whole smile and boost your confidence virtually overnight.

The procedure is carried out under a local anaesthetic, so treatment is painless and you feel comfortable. Using a tiny, precise laser, we gradually reshape the gum line and correct the height carefully, ensuring the newly exposed teeth and gum lines are perfectly even. Following the procedure, some patients, not all, may feel slight discomfort, but this subsides within a couple of days and can be controlled by taking normal painkillers that you would take for a headache. The results are instant and permanent, so you can smile with confidence for a long time.

Before and After Gum Lifting

A gum lift to address a 'gummy smile' completed at Confidental in Purley

  • BeforeBefore
  • AfterAfter

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