Six Month Smiles - Fixed Orthodontics in Purley

Originating from the US, Six Months Smiles is a fresh new introduction to the orthodontic world and is specifically designed for adult, cosmetic orthodontic treatment. It is a discreet fixed appliance and provides rapid cosmetic results.

Six Months Smiles fixed appliances are less noticeable by comparison to traditional braces as the brackets and wires are tooth coloured. Together they provide a more subtle appearance compared to a full metal appliance.

With particular focus on front teeth, the Six Month Smile system can be used to treat mild orthodontic cases which involve crowding, overlapping and closing spaces. Six Months Smiles is not suitable for aligning the back teeth or correcting bites.

Treatment typically takes 6 months, hence the name, although cases can take between 4 to 9 months to fully align. Your dentist will let you know how long your particular treatment should take during the treatment planning phase.

Six Month Smiles
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