Cosmetic Dentures

Cosmetic Dentures are the ultimate type of denture for aesthetics, comfort and function. They are made with superior materials that are durable and allow the appearance to look natural.

Cosmetic Dentures are made either from acrylic or cobalt chrome. Your Cosmetic Dentist at ConfiDental Clinic Purley will discuss your options in full and advise which type will benefit your circumstances. Cosmetic Dentures can be constructed for partial dentures, if you have teeth remaining or full dentures if you have no natural teeth present. Partial Dentures are aided by your natural teeth to keep them in place and can sometimes have claps added for better retention. Full upper dentures are held in place by suction from the palate and full lower dentures rely on the bony ridge. When teeth are no longer present, the bone can resorb and this can result with the dentures not fitting properly. If this is the case, Implant Retained Cosmetic Dentures can be made. This involves 4 dental implants placed. Clips are fastened into the implants which allow the dentures to attach and firmly hold the denture in its place giving you the confidence to eat, drink and speak with ease and comfort.

We offer free consultations to discuss Cosmetic Dentures. To book your free consultation, contact our reception team either by phone, e-mail or pop in to see us.

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