Cosmetic Bonding

Dental Bonding is a cosmetic procedure which uses composite material to improve and enhance the appearance of anterior teeth. Composite is a strong filling material and is available in many variations of tooth coloured shades so it can be easily matched to your natural tooth shade. Dental Bonding can be considered to disguise flaws on anterior teeth where they have chipped or have uneven surfaces or edges. Bonding can be used to hide stained teeth where they cannot be polished out and can even be used to reshape teeth to close gaps.

Dental bonding is a very conservative treatment which involves little or no preparation to your natural teeth. The composite material is applied and moulded in thin layers until the correct height and shape is achieved. The composite is bonded to the teeth using a blue ultra violet light and is then polished to smooth and refine the shape and surface, leaving you with a natural restoration which looks and feels like your own tooth.

At ConfiDental Clinic Purley, we offer free consultations to discuss Cosmetic Dental Bonding treatments. To arrange your, please contact our reception team and we will arrange a convenient appointment for you.


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