Dental Veneers – Improving Smiles For Older Patients

Practice Principal, Dr Tushar Patel, explains how more mature patients can benefit from this procedure.

At the Confidental Clinic in Purley, we find that one of the most common requests for cosmetic dentistry comes from those who are unhappy with discoloured or dull looking teeth.

We are always pleased to help our patients achieve a brighter smile with the various treatments at our disposal. Most younger patients, and many older ones too, can benefit from a teeth whitening procedure, but especially in the case of older patients, this is not always the case.

Wear and tear over the years can see teeth not only become discoloured, but also suffer from small chips and cracks of the teeth. Over time, this gradually worsens the way that they look.

Porcelain veneers

If your teeth are chipped, or cracked, to a point that makes them less than attractive, the use of porcelain veneers is a great way to restore them. In addition to this, it provides a great opportunity to brighten up your smile too.

Porcelain veneers are shaped similarly to a false fingernail and are used to replace the damaged front enamel surface of the tooth. This is done following the removal of a layer of enamel using a tool called a burr. Generally, only a very fine layer will be removed, after which we will then take impressions of your teeth and send them to a dental laboratory where your veneers will be made. You will be fitted with temporary protective veneers for a week or so, until the final veneers are returned. Once these are available, you will be recalled to our Purley practice and we will fit your new veneers for you using a high-strength, clinical grade adhesive.

Long lasting

As long as you make sure to look after them, your new veneers should last you for approximately ten years, but this can vary from patient to patient. Try to avoid habits such as fingernail biting, as this can, in some circumstances, cause the veneers to become detached. Although this is relatively rare; should this happen to you, please don’t attempt to reattach them yourself. Give the Confidental Clinic a call and either myself or another of our experienced team will do it for you professionally.

Cosmetic dentistry is not only for the young and beautiful, and age is no reason not to look the best that you possibly can. Our skilled dentists will be delighted to help you achieve a smile that you will be happy with.

If you would like to see how we can help you give your smile a real boost, why not call the Confidental Clinic in Purley on 020 8660 8923 and arrange an initial consultation with one of our team? We’ll be delighted to help!

Dr Tushar Patel is the Practice Principal at he Confidental Clinic (GDC 61782).