Treating Badly Stained Teeth With Porcelain Veneers

Whatever the colour of your teeth, this popular cosmetic dental procedure can restore their appearance.

Certain cosmetic dental treatments are more popular than ever. Amongst them is the teeth whitening procedure, perhaps due to its popularity with a number of TV celebrities. This non invasive and widely affordable treatment can make a real difference and greatly improves the appearance of your discoloured teeth. There are caveats however.

Although this is indeed an excellent procedure, producing great results, it does have its limits. It works best on relatively lightly discoloured teeth, such as the yellowing caused by ageing, or general light staining of the teeth. Unfortunately, many people have teeth that have gone well beyond this stage.

More severe teeth staining

If you have been a long term smoker, or perhaps have indulged in teeth staining food and drinks such as red wine for some time, it may well be that a teeth whitening procedure would not make sufficient improvement in the colour of your teeth. The cosmetic dental team at the Confidental Clinic in Purley will be able to advise you about this during your consultation.

Very badly stained teeth, and also teeth that are chipped and cracked will not gain much benefit from a teeth whitening procedure. In fact, cracks and other flaws in the teeth will only show up more once the teeth have been whitened.

Where the discolouration of the teeth is severe, it is likely that we will recommend porcelain dental veneers as a suitable alternative to a teeth whitening procedure.

Why dental veneers?

Where teeth are too badly stained, patients would probably see very minimal improvement with a teeth whitening treatment. To produce whiter teeth using this method would require a strength of the bleaching agent that could be very damaging to the health of the teeth, and quite likely be painful too.

An alternative approach is to replace the affected surface enamel with an artificial replacement in the form of a very fine dental veneer. This is a less straightforward procedure than a tooth whitening treatment and does require some dental surgery to take place in most cases.

Removing the enamel

Although some patients think that veneers are simply stuck onto the teeth as they are, this is usually not the case. Whilst there are some types of veneers that can be applied directly over teeth, this may prove to be inappropriate because they can make the teeth appear too large for the mouth. Where this is the case, to keep the current shape and appearance (other than colour) of the teeth, an equivalent thickness of the discoloured enamel has to be removed using a tool called a dental burr. This is used to ‘shave’ a fine layer from the surface of the teeth that are to be fitted with the veneers.

Once this has taken place, impressions will be taken so that the veneers can be produced at a dental laboratory. You will be given temporary veneers to wear to protect the teeth until your own have been produced. When they have been returned to our Purley dental clinic you will be recalled to have the new veneers fitted.

The veneers are fitted using a strong dental adhesive and will then be trimmed and shaped before being given a polish to leave you with attractive but natural looking white teeth.

If you dislike the colour of your teeth and suspect that they may be too heavily stained for a whitening treatment, why not talk to us about the possibility of having veneers instead? You can arrange a no obligation initial consultation with one of our team by calling the Confidental Clinic on 020 8660 8923.