Dentophobia – Treatment in Purley

Overcoming, or easing, your fear of the dentist.

Many people have phobias. Some, such as Omphalophobia, or fear of the navel (yes, it does exist!) are naturally quite rare.

Others, such as Aviophobia, or fear of flying, are much more common. Competing with the fear of flying for the number one phobia though, is Dentophobia, or a fear of the dentist.

It might surprise Purley patients at Confidental Clinic to know that dentists themselves are not immune from this phobia. Realistically, having someone working in your mouth a few inches from your face is never going to be high on anyone’s list of favourite experiences, but equally it shouldn’t be unpleasant or painful. Few people would deny that receiving necessary dental treatment is essential, so what then, can we do to help those who have a fear that prevents them from visiting their local dentist?


Communication with our patients is important and this is especially the case when a patient is exhibiting signs of anxiety. Our dentists are experienced in treating nervous patients and will be able to help most patients relax through their friendly chair-side manner.

Modern Equipment

One phobia that many nervous patients have is the sound of the drill. The high pitched whirring sound is not there to frighten you, but is the result of the drill rotating at very high speeds. Whilst this may sound like a technicality, it enables procedures to be carried out quickly and efficiently, reducing the treatment time. The use of other equipment such as x-rays and scans means that we are able to treat any damage in as minimally invasive way as possible.

IV sedation

Patients will vary in their degree of anxiety about their dental visits, and especially when it comes to an invasive procedure such as dental implant placement or root canal treatment. Naturally, it helps our dentists if the patient is relaxed and also makes for a better experience for them.

To aid patients who are very anxious about receiving a necessary treatment, we are pleased to provide IV sedation. This will not put you to sleep, despite sometimes being referred to as ‘sleep dentistry’. What it will do, is to quickly cause you to become very relaxed indeed. You will remain fully conscious throughout your procedure, but your fears and concerns will simply drift away. Many patients have told us that time also seems to slip by much quicker using sedation dentistry.

Patients receiving sedation will need to bring a responsible adult with them to ensure that they get home safely. Under no circumstances should you drive, and, if you operate machinery or vehicles at work, you may need to take a day off work to allow the sedative to leave your system.

If you are an anxious patient and live in the Purley area of Surrey, we are very happy to discuss with you, how we can help you to receive essential dental care in the least stressful way possible. Please call the Confidental Clinic today on 020 8660 8923.