Invisalign – Convenient and Comfortable

Almost invisible orthodontics now available at Confidental Clinic Purley.

Having a set of evenly aligned teeth is one of the key factors in having a great smile. Without these, other procedures, such as a teeth whitening treatment can only help but highlight any misaligned teeth.

Many people though are put off the thought of using orthodontics, or dental braces, to give them their commonly used name.

This may be largely due to them being associated with the traditional, darker coloured metal braces which not only look uncomfortable, but are highly visible too. Whilst for children, this type of brace is perhaps more acceptable; for adults they can be quite embarrassing and consequently many simply avoid them and just put up with crooked teeth for life. However, there is an option!


It doesn’t have to be this way though. Orthodontic systems have advanced significantly over the years, with even those orthodontics which use the ‘wire and brackets’ method offering a higher level of discretion. There is, however, one method available to our Purley dental patients, which stands out from the others or more accurately doesn’t stand out! This method is Invisalign, a different approach to teeth straightening.

Instead of the wires and brackets used in standard orthodontics, Invisalign offer a series of transparent trays which fit directly over the patient’s teeth. These are produced, following scans and impressions and are designed to fit each patient individually. By doing so, a high level of comfort can be attained.

Each tray is worn for two to three weeks and is then removed after it has performed its function to move the teeth a little towards their desired position. Another tray is then fitted which continues the process. This then continues until the teeth are in their final position.


We have already mentioned comfort as one of the main benefits of Invisalign but there are two other very positive benefits which they offer. Firstly, they are very discreet. Even when worn, they are almost invisible to all but the most observant person. Even better than this though is the fact that they are easily removed by the patient, and, indeed, should be done so when eating and cleaning the teeth.

They can also be removed, occasionally, when you have, for example, an important interview or meeting. This should be avoided as far as possible though as removal will extend the length of time that these orthodontics take to work. The second benefit is oral health. The design of Invisalign orthodontics mean that maintaining good oral health is relatively simple, providing that brushing and flossing are maintained, as well as ensuring that the trays are cleaned before returning them to the mouth.

The risk of food becoming caught in them, as can happen with traditional braces, is all but non existent with a little care. Dental decay and gum disease can, therefore, be readily avoided.

For more information about Invisalign and other adult orthodontics, please call the Confidental Clinic in Purley on 020 8660 8923.