Our Top Five Tips For Making The Most From Invisalign Treatment

Purley dentist, Dr Sairah Shah offers some practical advice for Invisalign wearers.

Due to their comfort factor and the fact that they are almost invisible to those around us, Invisalign orthodontics are one of the most popular solutions available for straightening teeth.

Like all dental procedures though, there are actions that patients can take that can help to improve the experience and also, potentially, the final outcome.

With this type of orthodontic sometimes requiring longer to work than the ‘wire and brackets’ type, it makes sense to do what we can to make the treatment as successful as possible.

Wearing any type of orthodontic appliance (“brace”) requires an ongoing relationship between the patient and their dentist. At the Confidental Clinic in Purley, we are always on hand to monitor the ongoing treatment and to offer any advice, should you require it.

Although some of these tips below may seem obvious, it is well worth paying attention to them as they will help you to get the most from your teeth straightening treatment.

Take care to change your trays correctly

It should go without saying, but if you don’t put your aligner trays in correctly, they are not going to be as effective and may even work against what you are trying to achieve. Your dentist will be able to show you how to do this correctly, and also advise how frequently to do it. Make sure that you allow a few moments to put them back correctly when you have taken them out for eating etc. This will all help to make the process more effective.

Wear them for the minimum time advised by your dentist

One of the advantages of Invisalign can also be a ‘disadvantage’ if we allow it to be. The fact that they are easily removable for eating food and cleaning our teeth means that we may be tempted to do this more often than we should. If, for example, we are going out with friends for the day, it can be tempting to remove them, thinking that you will put them back in when you get home. The more that you do this, the longer the treatment will take and you should only really remove your trays for eating and cleaning. There may be exceptions such as an interview, where you prefer not to wear them, but whatever you do, do not make a habit of this and make sure to wear them for the prescribed time, typically around 22 hours each day.

Remember to clean them

We all know that wearing this appliance makes cleaning our teeth much easier than it would if we wore conventional dental braces. Do make sure though, that you not only clean your teeth, but also the trays, before returning them to your mouth. This may be just a simple rinse if you are eating out at a restaurant, but more effective cleaning when at home, should be carried out. Your helpful Purley dentist will advise the best way to do this.

Drink more water

We have mentioned before, how staying well hydrated is important for your overall oral health. When you first have your orthodontics fitted, you are likely to find that you salivate slightly more for a while. This is because your body sees the trays as an ‘alien’ object and is, in effect, trying to rid the mouth of it. You may wish to drink a little more water to help compensate until you become fully accustomed to your new braces.

Please see the dentist as requested

Each patient will differ in how often we need to see them during their orthodontic treatment and it is important that you do so at the intervals suggested by your dentist. Monitoring the effectiveness of your treatment, and adjusting where necessary, is key to producing the results that you are hoping for. These regular checks also allow us to make sure that you are keeping your teeth and gums clean and that there are no signs of decay or gum disease that may have been caused by not doing so.

If you follow these five key tips, along with any personal advice that may have been given to you during your treatment at the Confidental Clinic, you will be well on your way to having attractive straight teeth with very few problems. We are always happy to discuss all treatment options for correcting crooked or uneven teeth, and, whilst Invisalign is certainly a very popular and successful way to achieve this, we do also offer alternative orthodontic systems such as Damon braces and the Inman aligner. Choosing the right one for you can only be evaluated following a consultation with one of our orthodontic team.

If you would like to discuss having your teeth straightened at the Confidental Clinic, please call our Purley dental practice on 020 8660 8923. Our team will be delighted to help!