Invisalign – a healthier option for teeth straightening?

Dentist Dr Tushar Patel explains just one of the advantages of Invisalign braces.

The majority of dental braces still use a system of wiring and brackets that are attached to the teeth and adjusted over time to straighten them. From older style NHS braces that use metal wiring, to modern cosmetic braces, such as Damon braces, which use tooth-coloured materials, these all slightly increase the risk of tooth decay during the period that they are worn.

Food that we eat, and bacteria, can easily become trapped in the wiring and brackets of the braces. This will inevitably lead to issues such as decay or gum disease if they are not removed effectively. Although we provide full information on how to clean your teeth whilst wearing braces, anyone who has tried to clean their teeth when wearing them would acknowledge that this is trickier than when you don’t have them. Inevitably, this increases the risk of oral health issues.

Invisalign – a healthier orthodontic solution.

Whilst care has to be taken whatever orthodontics you are using, life does become easier when you use Invisalign braces. These perform the same role as other orthodontic treatments, but are a newer method that avoids the use of wiring or brackets altogether. Patients of the Confidental Clinic that have had these, have been delighted to find out how easy and comfortable they were to use, as well as much more convenient.

What’s the secret?

The ‘secret’ to Invisalign is that they are made from a medical grade plastic and sit directly over the teeth. You will be given a series of these ‘trays’, with each working to reposition your teeth just a little further than the previous one. The best news of all is that are designed so that you can remove them both for eating food and when cleaning your teeth. Providing that you brush and floss your teeth well, and, of course, keep the trays clean, any risk of tooth decay or gum problems is greatly reduced.

The fact that Invisalign are removed when you eat is also a huge benefit for patients, especially as orthodontics generally have to be worn for a fairly lengthy period of time for them to work. Instead of spending time looking down a menu for foods that won’t stick between your teeth, you can simply choose what you want to eat, without any of those concerns.

The orthodontics team at our Purley practice will be able to advise you whether you are a suitable candidate to wear this system. If you are, we are sure that you will appreciate the comfort and the convenience, without the potential oral health problems of some other types of braces.

If you would like to discover more about how we can straighten your teeth safely, discreetly and comfortably, please call the Confidental Clinic in Purley on 020 8660 8923.

Dr Tushar Patel – Practice Principal (GDC 61782).