Damon braces for a faster, nicer looking smile!

Have your teeth straightened in shorter time with the Damon system.

Having crooked and uneven teeth is no fun, especially as a teenager.

Despite that, many people do not take corrective action at this stage of their life to have them straightened. As they enter their adult life, these same uneven teeth can cause them to become less confident about their appearance, and, in some cases, the situation becomes worse over time.

As a tooth starts to move in its socket, it creates a small gap into which adjoining teeth can start to encroach. This does not happen overnight, but a before and after picture, taken at a few years interval would almost certainly indicate a worsening of the crookedness.


The only known way to straighten teeth is the use of orthodontics which gradually exert pressure on the teeth, moving them back to their correct position over a period of time. Because too much pressure would damage the teeth and the supporting bone, this has to be done gently and can take a significant amount of time to work, depending on how uneven the teeth are.

Modern orthodontics, such as the wide range that we have available at the Confidental Clinic in Purley, can now perform this function in a way that is more comfortable and more discreet than traditional systems. Some of these are even able to achieve their aims in a much shorter period of time than in the past. This includes the Damon teeth straightening system.

Damon braces system

This technique uses fixed orthodontics which significantly reduce the time the treatment takes to work. They also reduce the need to extract teeth which may need to be done with some other types of braces. Unlike many other braces, no ties are used in this system, eliminating some of the risks of them collecting plaque and other bacteria that can be harmful to both teeth and gums. Generally speaking, the Damon system also requires less adjustments and also moves teeth into position faster than most other types of orthodontics.

If you are considering having your teeth straightened, you will need to arrange an initial consultation to have your teeth assessed so that we can provide the most suitable treatment possible. Whilst we will endeavour to provide your preferred choice of orthodontic, we will always recommend an alternative system should we feel that this will be more beneficial for your own situation.

Before any treatment starts, we will also check your teeth for any common problems such as decay and gum disease. Any issues will be treated before the orthodontic treatment commences.

If you would like to improve your smile and have even, great looking teeth, why not call our Purley dental practice to see how we can help you to achieve this? Please call the Confidental Clinic today on 020 8660 8923.