New To Purley And Looking For An NHS Dentist?

Reasons why you might wish to consider joining our friendly local practice.

Moving to a new area can be traumatic, yet exciting. Gone are many of the old established friends and places that you used to visit, and, instead, a world of opportunities opens up that you may never have thought possible.

With relocation though, comes the practicalities; possibly looking for a new job, although many move for this reason of course, but certainly looking for a school for the children along with local medical and dental services. Whilst, at the Confidental Clinic, we appreciate that finding a dentist may not be top of your priorities, we do recommend that you do this as soon as possible as procrastination often results in long periods of time with a lack of professional dental care, with all the problems that can arise from that.

Confidental Clinic

At our Purley dental practice we feel that we offer a comprehensive dentist service that is second to none. Many of our patients have come to us looking for an NHS dentist, and many have remained with us on that basis. Others though have opted, often at a later stage, to go private and take advantage of the wide range of cosmetic dental procedures that we also offer.

The only major difference between NHS dental care and private is in the range of treatments offered. Due to NHS budgetary restrictions, only essential dental work can be carried out under the NHS dental care scheme. These procedures are sufficient to ensure that patients have strong and healthy teeth and gums, providing, of course, that they take care of them themselves as well as receiving professional care.

Treatments provided under the NHS scheme include the likes of check ups and x-rays, fillings, extractions, scale and polish (gum disease prevention), some root canal work, basic crowns, dentures and bridges etc.

Cosmetic dentistry

As noted earlier, having received NHS dental care at the Confidental Clinic in Purley, quite a number of our patients have been attracted to the cosmetic procedures that we have available. Having healthy teeth and gums is the key aim, of course, but, once happy with the health of their teeth and gums, many patients go on to have cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening or dental veneers, to create a better smile.

Whilst these treatments are not available on the NHS, we do offer a range of finance plans to help you to spread the cost of most cosmetic dental procedures.

For more information about our NHS dental service, or our private cosmetic dental treatments, please call our Purley dental practice today on 020 8660 8923.