Healthy And Even Teeth With Invisalign Braces

How non wire-and-bracket orthodontics make teeth cleaning easier.

Whilst a teeth whitening procedure is perhaps the most common cosmetic dental procedure carried out at the Confidental Clinic, the desire for straight and even teeth follows not far behind.

Increasingly, patients are realising that there is no longer the need to have a mouth of highly visible metal braces in order for this to be achieved. With a wide variety of near invisible braces at our Purley practice, patients can now have even teeth in a much more discreet manner.

Prior to fitting any orthodontics (braces), our dentists will need to hold a consultation with the patient to discuss their requirements and make a decision on the best method to use.

Wire and brackets

Even though not as visible as they used to be, due to finer tooth coloured materials being used, many orthodontics still use the wire and brackets approach to straightening teeth. There is a very good reason for this in that it is an effective method, and, when speed is a priority, orthodontics such as Damon braces can rapidly straighten teeth in just a short period of time.

This approach however, is not without its drawbacks; one of which is the increased likelihood of food becoming stuck in the wires and brackets, potentially leading to dental decay.  In the same manner, bacteria can also become trapped, resulting in gum disease if not managed properly. Because of these factors, it is essential that you take extra special care to clean your teeth well when wearing braces, and our experienced Purley dentists will advise you of the best way to do this during your consultation.


However, there is a type of orthodontic system available at our Purley dental clinic which avoids most of this problem. The Invisalign method is wire and bracket free, instead using a series of invisible trays which fit over the teeth. These are custom made for each patient to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency. The beauty of this system is that the trays are designed to be removed when eating, thereby avoiding potential embarrassment, and perhaps more importantly, can be removed to clean the teeth and floss.

Providing that the aligner trays are cleaned as well your teeth, there should be little reason to suffer from decay or gum disease brought on because of restricted cleaning and poor oral hygiene.

If you are interested in straightening your teeth, we offer dental patients from Purley and the surrounding area a free consultation where we can discuss your aims and suggest a treatment plan to help you to achieve this. Please call the Confidental Clinic in Purley today on 020 8660 8923 for more information.