Same Day Dental Implants

Replacing a full arch of teeth at our Purley dental practice.

Whilst individual dental implants offer an excellent way of replacing a lost tooth or two; they become less practical when a full arch of teeth need to be replaced, whether from loss, or being in such a poor state that they are no longer functional.

To replace each of these teeth with an individual dental implant would be not only very expensive, but would also necessitate a long treatment period, with the inconvenience that that would incur.

Traditionally, dentures have been used in situations such as this, but, at the Confidental Clinic, we can now offer a method that offers an excellent alternative, and uses dental implants to give that extra stability.

Same day

Instead of replacing each tooth individually with a dental implant, we use just a few implants, usually between four and six. These are placed in the same way that individual implants are placed. However, the rear implants are specially designed to be placed into the jawbone at an angle, significantly increasing their stability. Unlike individual implants, which are then left in place for a few months to allow the implant to bond with the bone; a fixed dental bridge can sometimes be attached immediately to these newly placed implants.

Because of the implant stability, the new bridge is held firmly in place, and, once our Purley implant dentist is satisfied with the outcome, you are free to leave our dental clinic and go about your daily life.


Naturally, some care and caution needs to be exercised following the procedure, and it would be wrong to think that you can leave the practice and carry on exactly as before. Certainly in the initial stages, it is advisable to eat very soft foods. This will not only help to protect the implants but will make it more comfortable for you too. There will be some inevitable soreness in the areas where the implants have been placed. This should soon go, and most patients find that their usual headache painkiller tablets are sufficient to manage any discomfort in the early days.

Although the replacement artificial teeth of the bridge will not decay if not cleaned, bacteria can still build up on them, leading to oral health issues. Also likely to result in halitosis and possibly worse, is a failure to keep the gums clean. This is important as gum disease will not only lead to bad breath, but, if left to advance, will attack the jawbone, leaving the implants, and therefore the whole bridge, vulnerable to failure.

Thankfully, cleaning the gums with a fixed bridge is not difficult and your aftercare regime will be discussed with you during the consultation process. For more information about one day full arch teeth replacement, please call the Confidental Clinic in Purley on 020 8660 8923.