The Benefits Of Implant Retained Dentures In Purley

If your dentures feel unstable in your mouth, implants may offer the solution.

Dental implants are now widely used for both single and multiple teeth replacement. Their strength, longevity and ease of care make them very popular with an increasing number of our Purley patients. One use that they are perhaps less well known for though, is their role in securing loose dentures.

With millions of people wearing false teeth, it is very likely that many will have become accustomed to having them, and will have adjusted to them so that they are generally, happy to eat with them. Few denture wearers though will deny that there are times when their dentures let them down, either by moving around in their mouth, or creating difficulties when eating certain foods.

At the Confidental Clinic in Purley, we are able to offer a solution to these problems in the shape of implant retained dentures.

The implant procedure

Depending on each individual case, we typically use anything from two to four dental implants to stabilise your dentures. This does require some minor oral surgery but this will be done using a strong local anaesthetic and should cause no more discomfort that some other dental procedures.

Once the implants have been placed, your dentures can then be attached to the implants, providing you with a stability that you may not have thought possible.

The benefits

Some of the key benefits of implant retained dentures are:

  • Stability – Whilst normal dentures may move around in the mouth; once attached to dental implants, this simply will not happen. Although you may be wary about it at first, we can assure you that it won’t be long before you are eating with much more confidence, that your dentures will remain where they are, and not move around in your mouth.
  • Biting and speaking – Not only is eating much easier, but your speech may also improve. We may not notice it but, when we wear dentures, we may slightly adjust our speech as certain sounds can cause our dentures to move a little. With implant retained dentures, your speech should not be affected.
  • Bone loss prevention – When we lose a tooth, or teeth; the bone in that area of the jaw will thin and can cause facial shape changes, often making us appear older than our years. With the use of dental implants, this bone loss is prevented, helping to retain the natural shape of our face.
  • Natural looking – Modern dentures are a great improvement on those your grandparents may have had. Especially when stabilised, most people will not even notice that you are wearing them.

If you currently wear dentures and would like to find out more about this method of stabilising them, the team at the Confidental Clinic in Purley are happy to help. Simply arrange an initial consultation with us by calling 020 8660 8923 where our friendly receptionists will arrange a convenient appointment for you.