Emergency Dental Care in Purley

When a dental emergency strikes, take action straight away.

Even those of us who take good care of our teeth, brushing and flossing them daily and paying regular visits to our Purley dental practice for checkups, are still at risk of accidents. Even the strongest of teeth may not withstand being used to bite into something extremely hard, especially if it was not expected. Weaker, or more compromised teeth are even more likely to fracture or break when this happens.

There are other accidents too which can cause dental problems, especially when physical sports are played where facial injuries are a risk.

Emergency dentist

When a dental emergency strikes, unless there is severe facial trauma, in which case a visit to the local A&E should be your first port of call to check for head injuries; you should call us at the Confidental Clinic straight away. We always do our best to see patients that are in pain the very same day if at all possible. The earlier in the day that you can call us, the better chance of a same day appointment. Where this is not possible, we will offer advice to enable you to be more comfortable until such time that we can see you.

Emergency treatment

The treatment provided for your dental emergency will vary depending on each individual case. As with all treatments at our Purley practice, we will endeavour to perform the least invasive but most efficient treatment in order to restore or save the tooth. Where there is insufficient time available for the full treatment, we will endeavour to make the tooth as safe and comfortable as possible and then book you another appointment for as soon as possible.

Self help

There are dental repair kits available in chemists, however, whilst these are useful if you are traveling in remote areas, they are usually best avoided and you should rely on your local dentist to restore the tooth properly.

Don’t delay

Whilst a painful tooth is likely to result in a phone call to our dental practice, if a tooth breaks but is not causing the patient any pain, there can be a temptation to ignore it, perhaps planning to book an appointment and never getting around to it. Once the enamel of a tooth has broken though, the inner tooth is vulnerable to infection and therefore decay, and may well prove to be painful too. Damaged teeth may also break further too, meaning that a more extensive procedure may be needed to restore it later on.

If you need an emergency dentist in Purley, please call the Confidental Clinic as soon as possible in the day on 020 8660 8923.