Using A Gum Lift To Help Create A Natural Looking Smile

Having a gummy smile doesn’t have to be forever, thanks to this excellent procedure.

Whilst gum disease is a serious threat to our oral health and we should always take steps to minimise the risk, for some people this is not the only challenge that they have with their gums.

Where the gums have grown further down the teeth than is normal, this can lead to a problem sometimes referred to as a ‘gummy smile’, Whilst this doesn’t usually present any real health issues, it does lead to a rather unusual looking smile which may cause some embarrassment for those with this particular problem.

Why does it happen?

More often than not, a gummy smile is hereditary but can also be caused by premature eruption of the teeth as well as gingival hypertrophy where the gums are enlarged or grown longer than usual. Whatever the cause, our dental team at the Confidental Clinic can help patients who are suffering from this, to have the opportunity to have a regular smile through the use of a well-established dental procedure.

Gum Lift

The only way to restore the appearance of a gummy smile is with a cosmetic procedure known as a gum lift. Our Purley patients will be pleased to know that this is a relatively straightforward procedure and one that only has to be performed once and produces permanent results. In order to shorten the gums, our Purley dentists use a sophisticated laser tool to cut away the excess gum. As well as being more accurate than the traditional method of using a scalpel, the laser cauterises the wound as we work. This speeds up the healing time and reduces any bleeding from the treatment.

The gum lift procedure will be performed using a local anaesthetic, so any discomfort you may feel will be minimal. There is likely to be a little soreness for a day or so though, once the anaesthetic has worn off. Most patients find that their usual pain management medication is more than adequate to offer sufficient relief from any discomfort. We will also provide aftercare advice following the procedure to aid a speedy recovery.

If you live in the Purley area and suffer from a gummy smile, there is no need to put up with it any longer. Simply call the Confidental Clinic to arrange a consultation with one of our cosmetic dental team who will be pleased to see you to discuss suitable treatment.

You can call the Confidental Clinic in Purley on 020 8660 8923 to arrange a consultation.