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Turn Back Time With A Full Makeover At Our Purley Practice!

Extensive improvements to an ageing appearance can be yours at the Confidental Clinic. The phrase ‘growing old gracefully’ used to apply to people accepting their age and all the physical changes that came with it. These days though, it does

Special Summer Offer!

Botox and teeth whitening in Purley from just £350 during May. With Summer approaching, many of us will start to pack away our warmer winter clothes, perhaps heading on a shopping spree to find more colourful clothing to wear during

Healthy And Even Teeth With Invisalign Braces

Invisalign braces

How non wire-and-bracket orthodontics make teeth cleaning easier. Whilst a teeth whitening procedure is perhaps the most common cosmetic dental procedure carried out at the Confidental Clinic, the desire for straight and even teeth follows not far behind. Increasingly, patients

Youth Trends and Oral Health

Looking at current trends and potential long term effects on teeth and gums. Defining youth can be quite difficult these days, with barriers between age groups perhaps less significant than they once were. That said, it is still in the