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How ‘Realistic’ Are Dental Implants?

Image of a dental implant

Purley dentist, Dr Tushar Patel, looks at this procedure from the perspective of a patient. As we have discussed in previous blogs, dental implants offer the most secure, strong and stable of all current tooth replacement methods. Whilst they might

Who Is Suitable For Implant Placement?

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Dentist Dr Sairah Shah offers some thoughts on who can benefit from having dental implants. Along with our other Confidental Clinic practices, we are seeing an increasing number of patients coming to us wanting to find out more about dental

Z Is For ‘Zygomatic’

A look at Zygomatic dental implants, now available at the Confidental Clinic We have discussed the applications of dental implants, in our blogs, a number of times. In our opinion, these are the best long term solution for missing teeth

Are Dental Implants Inconvenient?

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Our Purley dentists take a look at the short term and long term implications of having implants. If you are a denture wearer, you may have discovered that, after a while, it starts to become tiresome having to remove them

The Benefits Of Implant Retained Dentures In Purley

If your dentures feel unstable in your mouth, implants may offer the solution. Dental implants are now widely used for both single and multiple teeth replacement. Their strength, longevity and ease of care make them very popular with an increasing

Four Reasons Not To Be Afraid Of Your Dental Implant Procedure

Image of a dental implant

Don’t be anxious about this tooth replacement treatment. The dental implant procedure is, by necessity, an invasive one involving minor surgery. In order to place implants, the dentist has to create a small hole in the bone of the jaw

Older Patients And Dental Implants

Why it’s not too late to have strong and natural looking replacement teeth. What are dental implants ? A dental implant is a fixed, and far more natural looking way of replacing a missing tooth, than the conventional denture plate

Things To Know About Replacing Missing Teeth


It’s widely recognised that dental implants are the best treatment for replacing missing teeth; but many people are put off from having them because they require a surgical procedure. In order to help anyone considering dental implants, we’ve answered 3

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Bite With Confidence With Dental Implants

Experience the pleasures of food again with this permanent tooth replacement procedure. Eating food is essential to our health and well being. It is also something that gives most of us a great deal of pleasure, whether it be cooking

Same Day Dental Implants

Replacing a full arch of teeth at our Purley dental practice. Whilst individual dental implants offer an excellent way of replacing a lost tooth or two; they become less practical when a full arch of teeth need to be replaced,