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What’s Your Risk Of Oral Cancer? (and help with stopping smoking….)

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With mouth cancer on the rise, it is worth taking a look at how high your risk is. There are a number of factors which can increase the risk of oral cancer, but poor oral care and smoking are two

Too Busy To Visit The Dentist?

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Short term thinking can lead to painful problems later on. According to a new report recently out, 14% of working people in the UK feel that they are too busy to see a dentist. This is quite a shocking statistic

Teaching Young Children Good Oral Health Habits

Purley hygienist Suzanne Hogan offers some advice to parents to help encourage toddlers to look after their teeth. Parenting can be challenging at the best of times. Being on constant guard to the many dangers that surround young children, even

Keeping Your Teeth In Good Condition This Christmas

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A few end of year words of guidance to prevent tooth damage during the festive indulgences. Even if we are still busy at work, most of us will probably be mentally winding down ready for the festive holidays. Christmas dinners,

Is Brexit Making You Grind Your Teeth?

Sometimes, events that are out of our control can cause us to damage our teeth subconsciously, writes Dr Vinaya Soundrarajan. Whatever your views are on one of the most hotly debated topics in recent history, there is a good chance

Allaying Fear of ‘The Drill’ And Other Dental Anxieties

A look at some of the most common reasons for dental anxiety. Dental phobia is probably one of the main reasons that some people suffer problems with their teeth and gums. Whilst a poor diet and irregular cleaning are also

Could Online Advice Replace The Dentist?

Do you turn to the Internet if you have a toothache, and is this a good idea? If we are honest, most of us would probably admit to searching the internet when we are ill. Whilst this can sometimes help

Tooth Sensitivity – Causes and Solutions

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If your teeth feel uncomfortable when you eat hot or cold foods, you may need treatment. Whilst some of us will have thinner enamel on our teeth than others, due to genetics; if you notice a sudden change when you

Could You Do More To Keep Your Teeth And Gums in Good Health?

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Just a little extra effort could really give your teeth and gums a boost. It is probably fair to say that most people don’t have seeing the dentist at the top of their list of fun things to do. There

Why Sipping Drinks Could Be Harming Your Teeth

Although we are often told that it is polite to sip, it can lead to enamel erosion on our teeth. Older patients of our Purley practice may remember, as a child, being told not to ‘guzzle’ their drink. This word