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How To Register With Our Dental Practice

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A quick guide to becoming a patient at the Confidental Clinic, Purley. It goes without saying that we are always happy to see new patients at our local dental clinic. This applies whether you are new to the area and

Periodontitis – Prevention and Treatment In Purley

This advanced form of gum disease can have devastating consequences for your teeth. Having healthy teeth is important, but sometimes, we may pay less attention than we should to our gums. To some degree, this is understandable as our teeth

Local Anaesthetics

Providing a more comfortable experience for our Purley patients. Having ‘the needle’ is an experience that most dental patients have had. Now more widely used since the ending of general anaesthetics for performing extractions, they are essential in enabling us

Causes Of Enamel Damage Or Erosion

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Four things to avoid to keep the protective enamel on your teeth strong and healthy. The outer part of the tooth is known as the enamel layer which is a hard, non-porous, material that protects the more vulnerable inner part

Stress Related Dental Problems

Neglect and bruxism can lead to a significant amount of damage to your teeth. Stress is a reality of daily life for most of us. This can come from many different angles including family matters and work. It is widely

Healthy Teeth At Christmas

Make sure not to let your oral health care slip. Christmas can be an exciting time, but also very busy. Whether attending social events, family parties or simply keeping an eye on the kids, it is probably not surprising that

Dental Implant Preparation

Treating bone loss and periodontal problems prior to an implant procedure. Most patients who wish to have dental implants placed are usually able to do so without the need for any prior procedure. Healthy gums and little or no bone

NHS Dental Checkups In Purley

The cornerstone of affordable oral health care. Ideally, no-one should go without having their teeth checked at least twice a year. This preventative measure should ensure that your mouth remains healthy, with any necessary treatment being kept to a minimum.

Dental Implants – How Patients Can Help Ensure Successful Treatment

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Creating the best conditions for successful implant integration. Dental implants are not only considered by many to be the ‘gold standard’ of teeth replacement methods, but also have an extremely high success rate, with failures being quite rare. Providing that

Reconstructing A Damaged Front Tooth

Our front teeth are more accident prone than others, but can often be restored. As a general rule, our rear teeth are more likely to suffer from dental decay than our front teeth as food is more likely to become