Could Online Advice Replace The Dentist?

Do you turn to the Internet if you have a toothache, and is this a good idea?

If we are honest, most of us would probably admit to searching the internet when we are ill. Whilst this can sometimes help to put our mind at rest, it can also make us believe that we are suffering from something far worse than we actually are. Even dental problems are frequently searched for and whilst this is not a problem in itself, the remedies, or lack of, sometimes are!

Whilst few patients would attempt to fill their own teeth, whitening procedures and even orthodontics are known to have DIY solutions which almost always do not work, or worse still, create further problems.

DIY cosmetic dentistry

Before we look at more general reasons why you should see one of our Purley dentists if you suspect you have a problem, rather than simply search for it; it is worth looking at the two cosmetic procedures we mentioned above.

Teeth whitening is a precise science and the teeth whitening treatments offered at the Confidental Clinic provide a safe and successful way to have nicer looking teeth without doing them any harm. Some popular DIY solutions often include lemon juice. This will have little effect in improving the colour of your teeth, and will also strip some of the enamel away, leaving them exposed to other problems. Orthodontic solutions using rubber bands are also available on the internet. We hope that we don’t need to tell our adult patients how ill advised that is! Generally though, this advice is aimed at young teenagers so it is worth making sure that your own children do not attempt this.

General dental advice

Whilst it doesn’t necessarily hurt to look on the Internet to see, for example, why our teeth may itch, this should not be the end of it. Even relatively minor issues like this are worth having checked by a professional. It may well be that no treatment is needed, but where it is, it is always better to have treatment early, rather than let the problem become worse, to the point where more extensive treatment may be needed.

At the Confidental Clinic in Purley, we strongly believe in preventative dental care and do all that we can to help our patients maintain a healthy mouth. We can only do this with your cooperation though, and all that we ask is that you see one of our dentists every six months or so for a check up. In addition to this, if you are at all concerned about any changes in your teeth or gums, do not simply wait for your next appointment, but contact us straight away so that we can investigate it and treat if necessary.

Appointments, including emergency dental appointments if needed, can be made by calling the Confidental Clinic on 020 8660 8923.