Looking After Your Dental Implants

Advice from our Purley dentist will help to ensure the longevity of your dental implants.

Dental implants are now considered to be a well established and successful method of teeth replacement.

Offering longevity, along with security and comfort, it is perhaps no surprise that they are becoming increasingly popular with our patients from the Purley area.

The long term success of dental implants depends largely on three different factors; quality titanium implants, the skills of the implant dentist and the aftercare of the implants by the patient during their usual oral care routines.

Highly trained

The implants that we use at the Confidental Clinic are of a very high quality and are made from titanium to ensure excellent osseointegration (when the implant and bone fuse). Our dental implant team are also highly trained and regularly undergo additional training to keep abreast of new developments in the implant field.

Both of these factors are within our control and we continually monitor things so that we stay at the very top of our game. The third factor, the aftercare of dental implants though, is, to a large degree, out of our hands.

Patient responsibility

Although we will continue to examine your dental implants, once placed and established, at your regular check ups at our Purley dental practice; the bulk of the aftercare is, by necessity, the responsibility of the patient themselves. Overall, there is nothing special that needs doing, but the following pieces of advice will help:

Immediate aftercare

When your implants are first placed, it is very important not to smoke or drink to excess. Both of these may well lead to an increased risk of gum disease and other infections which can threaten the stability of the implant, and, in some cases, may even cause its loss. Soft, and even liquid, foods should be taken for a while, following implant placement, and any pressure on the teeth avoided. As the dental implants become more secure, harder foods may be added gradually to the diet.

Long term aftercare

Once the dental implants are firmly established, all that is needed is good general oral care. Whilst the crown attached to the implant, or the implant itself, will not deteriorate if neglected; failing to clean and floss in the area of the implant may well eventually result in periodontitis which causes bone loss, meaning that there is less bone structure to hold the implant securely in place and it may become loose or even fall out.

Naturally, regular check ups should be maintained, and the Confidental Clinic in Purley can be reached on 020 8660 8923 when you need to make an appointment.