Seasons Greetings from our Purley Dental Team

A few gentle oral health reminders at this festive time of the year.

We are sure that patients of the Confidental Clinic dental practice in Purley are looking forward to Christmas, perhaps dashing out to the shops to purchase last minute food, drink and even presents!

We, naturally, hope that you all have a great time and are able to unwind for a few days and make the best of being around friends and family.

Gentle reminders

Although many of our ‘good intentions’ get put on the back burner for the few days ahead, it is perhaps worth a little reminder of a few potential festive tips to help you to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Brush your teeth!

You might be surprised at how many people neglect to take proper care of their teeth over the festive period. Perhaps it is unsurprising that after overeating, looking after children and perhaps a little over indulgence in drink, we just want to crawl into bed at the end of a long day. Especially with the likely consumption of many foods high in sugar though, it is important that we still try to find five minutes at the end of the day to brush our teeth well, and also to floss to remove those stubborn pieces of Christmas pudding that would otherwise remain lodged between our teeth.

Just a little effort to do this will help to keep your teeth sugar free overnight and reduce the risk of dental decay.

Say cheese!

One little tip that we can offer, which will help to keep the mouth healthy, is to finish each meal with a small amount of cheese. It has been shown that cheese helps the mouth’s acidity levels to return to normal, reducing the acid level which otherwise attacks the protective enamel on our teeth.

Beware of smoking ‘slippage’.

A few patients at our Purley dental practice have told us, when we ask them if they smoke, that they enjoy ‘the odd cigar’ at Christmas. Whilst this is something of a tradition for some people, and perhaps, an enjoyable one even; smoking is a leading cause of oral cancers and is also a significant trigger in gum disease. Whilst the ‘odd cigar’ may not be too harmful, ex smokers, in particular, may find that it triggers memories and leaves them thinking about starting smoking again. Whilst we don’t wish to be spoilsports at Christmas, it is worth considering whether that cigar will re-ignite your desire to smoke, with all the potential pitfalls that lie down that road.

Hopefully, these ‘words of wisdom’ will help you to have a fantastic and trouble free Christmas. Should any urgent dental problems arise though, please call our usual number, 020 8660 8923, to hear instructions for emergency dental care.

Happy Christmas and New Year from the Confidental Clinic team in Purley!