Keeping Your Teeth In Good Condition This Christmas

A few end of year words of guidance to prevent tooth damage during the festive indulgences.

Even if we are still busy at work, most of us will probably be mentally winding down ready for the festive holidays. Christmas dinners, parties with friends and relatives can be great fun, but it is a time when it is also easy to neglect our teeth a little. This could mean that a trip to the dentist is needed early in the new year, or worse still, an emergency dental appointment is required.

It doesn’t have to be this way, and, without spoiling the fun of Christmas, just a little care can go a long way to protecting your teeth. The Confidental Clinic dental team offer some useful advice below.

Keep up with your regular care

The first thing to say is that, however much fun you are having, it is important that you don’t relax your home cleaning regimen. We know that, at the end of a long day, and perhaps with quite a bit of alcohol consumed, it can be tempting to go to bed without brushing your teeth. With all the extra sugars that are likely to have been consumed throughout the day, this is asking for trouble. Make sure you brush your teeth well before you go to bed at night.

Mind the alcohol intake

Alcohol consumption rises at Christmas, and with it, accidents that can cause tooth damage. A fall or collision could result in a broken tooth, or even having one or more knocked out. Try to keep your alcohol consumption to a reasonable level and perhaps alternate your drinks with water or other soft drinks as well.

Put down that cigar

If you already smoke, it is probably pointless trying to stop at Christmas, but make sure to add it to your new year resolutions. Smoking not only increases the likelihood of gum disease; bad enough in itself, but also oral cancer. This will require urgent treatment and can result in facial deformities and even death, especially if not detected early enough. If you have stopped smoking, don’t be tempted by the ‘just one cigar’ opportunity .. it rarely works out that way.

Say cheese

No doubt, most of us will be snacking throughout the day on chocolates and other sugar filled goodies. Do try to leave some time between doing so though to allow your teeth to recover. One great way to help your mouth is to eat cheese instead of sweets. This not only reduces the amount of sugar that your teeth are exposed to, but also helps to limit the acidity in the mouth that can cause our enamel to erode.

Stay hydrated

Most of us probably don’t drink enough water at the best of times. Long tiring days and increased alcohol consumption can often mean that we wake up in the morning with a dry mouth. Bacteria love this type of environment and so it increases the risk of gum disease. Try to drink water throughout the day, but particularly make sure that you are well hydrated before going to bed at night.

It isn’t difficult to enjoy the festivities and keep your teeth safe. Just following these few simple tips should mean that you start the new year problem free. In the event of an unfortunate accident or a bad toothache that comes on suddenly, please call our Purley dental practice as usual on 020 8660 8923. If we are closed, you will be given a message advising you of what to do next.

This will be our last blog of the year, so please allow us to wish all patients of the Confidental Clinic, a very merry Xmas and a happy New Year. We look forward to seeing you in 2019!