Are Partial Dentures Still A Good Solution For Missing Teeth?

With newer alternatives now available, do dentures still have a role to play?

Losing a tooth can result in a person not feeling comfortable to smile; especially where the tooth is a highly visible front one.

Very few people would opt to leave a gap where it was highly noticeable. Increasingly, patients from the Purley area are opting to use dental implants to replace these gaps, but do partial dentures, once the standard tooth replacement procedure, still have a role to play?

Modern dentures

Many people associate dentures with the type their grandparents had. This would be to do a disservice to modern dentures which are far more comfortable to wear than older versions. Modern dentures offer a greater degree of comfort, and the replacement teeth attached also offer a more realistic appearance, leaving them looking more natural than old-style dentures .

It is important that the dentures are made and fitted accurately and our Purley dental team will make sure that your new partial dentures offer the maximum level of comfort and security possible.  Discreet clips may be used during the fitting, to give additional security and prevent them moving around in the mouth. Not only will this make eating much easier, but there should be fewer problems with speech. There are a number of types of permanent dentures currently available, and each will be used appropriately for each individual case.

Acrylic dentures

These are the most affordable dentures with both the teeth and gums made from acrylic. These are often held in place with clips and clasps.

Chrome partial dentures

These dentures use a slim metal frame and gum coloured acrylic, to which the replacement teeth are attached. The use of the cobalt chrome in this method gives the dentures additional strength and comfort

Valplast dentures

Unlike other dentures, Valplast are made from a flexible material which is matched to the colour of your natural gums, giving a natural appearance. The popularity of this type of denture though is in its flexibility as the material moves with your mouth providing additional comfort. Whilst, at the Confidental Clinic, we do believe that dental implants offer the best solution for missing teeth in many cases, we also recognise that dentures still offer a suitable solution for some. Modern dentures are both realistic looking and more comfortable and can still offer a good solution to lost teeth.

They are also an excellent choice for those who are active with sports e.g. football and rugby as they can be removed prior to a game and replaced afterwards, rather than risk the security of a dental implant and potential jaw damage through a blow to the face.

For more information about the types of denture we offer and their use, please call our Purley dental practice on 020 8660 8923.