Missing tooth or teeth?

Replacement options available at Confidental Clinic in Purley.

There are many different methods of replacing missing teeth, every one of them having its own effectiveness. At Confidental Clinic we offer a wide range of options, which will suit your requirements and budget.

Below you will find more information about crowns and bridges, which are fixed prosthetic devices, cemented onto existing teeth or implants. Removable devices such as dentures are widely used to replace a partial or full arch of missing teeth.


Are used to fill a gap or cover a damaged tooth. You can choose between a wide ranges of materials such as porcelain and ceramic, and the colour of your teeth can be matched. Our dentists will also inform you about the possibilities of using materials like gold, other metals and acrylic.


This is used to replace one or more missing teeth. Bridges of 3 teeth (widely used) are connected to the neighboring teeth which serve as a firm anchor. Based on various factors such as the location in the mouth, aesthetic consideration, function and cost; our dentists at Confidental Clinic in Purley will help you choose the best materials to be used.


Dentures are removable devices used to replace missing teeth. They can be taken out and put back into your mouth, however they will never feel like your own natural teeth. It is true, nowadays dentures are more comfortable to use and have a natural look.


Dental implants are metal ‘rods’ which fuse into your jaw bone. It is the newest and best technique used to replace a missing tooth or teeth, offering firm support for an artificial tooth.


  • Choosing dental implants will make your mouth feel natural as it used to.
  • Unlike bridges there is no need to modify neighboring teeth.
  • An implant is a permanent solution for a missing tooth.  It doesn’t come lose and is permanently fixed.
  • Shrinkage of your jaw bone is prevented by dental implants; dentures do not prevent bone loss.
  • Dental implants transform your mouth to its original state; you can eat all things like before.
  • A dental implant is completely separate artificial tooth not interfacing with any adjacent teeth and hence not subject to failure.
  • Dental implants helps facial contours to remain natural avoiding the problem of premature wrinkles.

Overall we consider that a dental implant is the best possible method for teeth replacement nowadays. It is cost effective and durable. Crowns and bridges also have their uses but they are less convenient in a long run. Removable dentures sometimes slip which can cause embarrassment whereas fixed bridges require adjustment of neighboring teeth. We will assess your particular requirement and provide you with full information so that you can make an informed choice. Please call our team on 020 8660 8923.