NHS Dental Checkups In Purley

The cornerstone of affordable oral health care.

Ideally, no-one should go without having their teeth checked at least twice a year. This preventative measure should ensure that your mouth remains healthy, with any necessary treatment being kept to a minimum.

At the Confidental Clinic in Purley, we offer NHS dental care so that patients in the area are able to have their oral health checked at an affordable price. With so many more serious illnesses now being linked to oral health issues, these check ups could save more than your teeth!

The check up

Most people will have regular check ups and have probably heard the dentist using shorthand to record the condition of your mouth. These are important for monitoring changes in your mouth and include:

Teeth – The dentist will examine your teeth for signs of wear which may make the tooth more vulnerable to decay. The type of bite you have will also be recorded and monitored for any significant change. Dental decay, or caries, will also be looked for and, where found, you will be requested to make an appointment to have the tooth filled.

Gums – The health of your gums is incredibly important as periodontitis can result in tooth loss. The dentist will look for potential signs of gum disease, such as bleeding or sore gums. If you do not already see the hygienist, we may suggest that you do so. In fact, whether you have gum disease or not, this is an excellent way of making sure that your mouth is in the best of health.

Oral cancer – Given the fact that a dentist is in an excellent position to examine your mouth on a regular basis, they increasingly play a front line role in detecting signs that could potentially be cancerous. These may include redness, lumps or sores of the soft tissues in the mouth. Whilst these may be caused by other things, we may suggest that you visit your GP to have them checked by an expert. Please remember that we do not diagnose cancer but may refer you to your GP as a precautionary measure.

Healthy and attractive teeth

NHS dental care is an excellent way to help you keep your mouth healthy at an affordable price. It does not, however, cover treatments that are designed to improve the appearance of your teeth. Modern dentistry now offers patients the opportunity to have great looking teeth through a range of procedures which are available privately. These include treatments such as teeth whitening, dental veneers and invisible braces, amongst others.

Whether you require a simple checkup or would like to find out more about the cosmetic dental procedures that we can offer, please call the Confidental Clinic in Purley on 020 8660 8923.