Month: June 2018

Z Is For ‘Zygomatic’

A look at Zygomatic dental implants, now available at the Confidental Clinic We have discussed the applications of dental implants, in our blogs, a number of times. In our opinion, these are the best long term solution for missing teeth

Local Anaesthetics

Providing a more comfortable experience for our Purley patients. Having ‘the needle’ is an experience that most dental patients have had. Now more widely used since the ending of general anaesthetics for performing extractions, they are essential in enabling us

Are Dental Implants Inconvenient?

Image of a dental implant

Our Purley dentists take a look at the short term and long term implications of having implants. If you are a denture wearer, you may have discovered that, after a while, it starts to become tiresome having to remove them