Month: April 2018

Does Your Child Floss Their Teeth?

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The chances are that very few do, but it is a very beneficial addition to their daily teeth cleaning regime. With only around one in five adults using dental floss to clean between their teeth, it wouldn’t be surprising to

Damon braces for a faster, nicer looking smile!

Damon braces

Have your teeth straightened in shorter time with the Damon system. Having crooked and uneven teeth is no fun, especially as a teenager. Despite that, many people do not take corrective action at this stage of their life to have

Using A Gum Lift To Help Create A Natural Looking Smile

Having a gummy smile doesn’t have to be forever, thanks to this excellent procedure. Whilst gum disease is a serious threat to our oral health and we should always take steps to minimise the risk, for some people this is