Month: March 2018

Could Your Daily Coffee Habit Be Ruining Your Teeth?

A look at why regular visits to a coffee shop could be doing more harm than you think. Coffee shops seem to be an increasingly popular place to meet to catch up with friends, and even for business meetings. Wherever

The Benefits Of Implant Retained Dentures In Purley

If your dentures feel unstable in your mouth, implants may offer the solution. Dental implants are now widely used for both single and multiple teeth replacement. Their strength, longevity and ease of care make them very popular with an increasing

Why Sipping Drinks Could Be Harming Your Teeth

Although we are often told that it is polite to sip, it can lead to enamel erosion on our teeth. Older patients of our Purley practice may remember, as a child, being told not to ‘guzzle’ their drink. This word