Month: February 2018

Wet Or Dry Toothbrush?

Local dentist

Our take on the recent discussions on social media about how we should brush our teeth. You may have recently seen a number of tweets about whether you should wet your toothbrush before adding the toothpaste, or put it on

Improve Your Smile With A Lip Enhancement!

When having great looking teeth is not quite enough. If you are a regular patient of the Confidental Clinic in Purley, you may have elected to let us help you have a great looking smile. Straighter teeth using orthodontics and

Dentophobia – Treatment in Purley

patient with dental fear

Overcoming, or easing, your fear of the dentist. Many people have phobias. Some, such as Omphalophobia, or fear of the navel (yes, it does exist!) are naturally quite rare. Others, such as Aviophobia, or fear of flying, are much more