Month: October 2017

Four Reasons Not To Be Afraid Of Your Dental Implant Procedure

Image of a dental implant

Don’t be anxious about this tooth replacement treatment. The dental implant procedure is, by necessity, an invasive one involving minor surgery. In order to place implants, the dentist has to create a small hole in the bone of the jaw

Getting The Most From ‘Invisible’ Braces

Invisalign braces

Maximising the benefits of these popular orthodontics. It is probably fair to say that orthodontic systems, such as Invisalign, are preferable to traditional braces in many ways. Few people relish the thought of having dental braces that consist of wires

Registering With An NHS Dentist

Essential NHS dentistry is available at our Purley dental practice. If you are new to the Purley area, or are looking to move from your current dentist, you may have come across our practice and wondered what we can offer?