Month: July 2017

Dental Care For Young Children in Purley

Why starting good dental care from an early age is so important. A question that we hear quite frequently at the Confidental Clinic is all about when parents should first take their child to see a dentist. There is no

Recovering From A Tooth Extraction

Local dentist

Some helpful aftercare advice from your local Purley dentist. Although recovering from a tooth extraction may not be in the same league as following a major operation, it can, to some degree, cause a level of stress for some patients.

Turn Back Time With A Full Makeover At Our Purley Practice!

Extensive improvements to an ageing appearance can be yours at the Confidental Clinic. The phrase ‘growing old gracefully’ used to apply to people accepting their age and all the physical changes that came with it. These days though, it does

Gents – Have You Considered What Cosmetic Dentistry Can Do For You?

Smiling couple with great teeth

The number of men seeking cosmetic treatments continues to grow. The times are changing at a rapid pace, and attitudes change with it. It is not that long ago when the idea of a man receiving cosmetic dental treatment would