Month: January 2017

If in Pain, Don’t Delay

holding head with pain

Treating dental emergencies at our Purley practice When it comes to tooth pain, here at our Purley Practice we try to take prompt action to address the underlying causes for our patients as quickly as possible. In many cases, not

Fast Acting Dental Braces

Inman Aligner

Using the Inman Aligner To Straighten Your Teeth Quickly. Nobody likes to wear any form of dental brace for any longer than necessary. Unfortunately though, many systems, however ‘invisible’, can take quite a long time to work. This is understandable

Gum Disease – A Cause For Concern

Helping our Purley patients understand the importance of healthy gums. Whilst most people understand the importance of looking after their teeth in order to prevent tooth decay, this is probably not so much the case when it comes to care