Month: April 2016

Special Summer Offer!

Botox and teeth whitening in Purley from just £350 during May. With Summer approaching, many of us will start to pack away our warmer winter clothes, perhaps heading on a shopping spree to find more colourful clothing to wear during

Restoration Through Prompt Treatment

dental surgery

Acting quickly, when a dental problem arises, can be the difference between saving and losing a tooth. On a day-to-day basis, most of us, with a healthy set of teeth, probably don’t give much thought to them other than when

When Gums Bleed

Symptoms and Treatment for Gum disease If you have ever noticed signs of blood when you spit after cleaning your teeth, it may be a sign that all is not well with your gums. There may also be other reasons

Dental Care Without The Fear

patient with dental fear

Help for nervous dental patients at our Purley practice. Various studies have shown that a substantial number of dental patients suffer from anxiety  to some degree, when a visit to the dentist is due. Whilst some patients are not generally