Month: February 2016

When a Dental Crown Becomes Detached

Act quickly to prevent tooth damage. Dental crowns are extremely versatile and used regularly in dentistry. They can be used to restore a tooth when it has become too damaged or decayed for a regular filling. They are also used

Straight Teeth In Time For Summer

It’s not too late to have your teeth straightened in time for Summer holidays! With the damp and wet weather that we have been having recently, Summer holidays probably seem a long way away and a distant dream. Whether you

Problems Associated With Teeth Grinding

Tooth damage caused by bruxism. Most people would probably agree that life is more stressful than it used to be. Pressures are everywhere, and, according to many experts, stress levels are on the rise. This can have a negative effect

Bite With Confidence With Dental Implants

Experience the pleasures of food again with this permanent tooth replacement procedure. Eating food is essential to our health and well being. It is also something that gives most of us a great deal of pleasure, whether it be cooking

Can a nice smile help with relationships?

With Valentine’s day approaching, we look at how a great smile can help you to find love. Whilst some people are happy to remain single, surveys show that most of us would like to find somebody to share our lives