Year: 2016

Treating A ‘Gummy Smile’ In Purley

Using laser treatment to give your smile a lift. A gummy smile can be caused by a number of things. It can be caused by the abnormal eruption of teeth, the way that your upper jawbone grew or it may

Veneers – when teeth whitening isn’t enough

nice white smile

Our Purley dentist looks at the choices available for patients with heavily stained teeth. Whilst a teeth whitening procedure produces excellent results for most people, there are circumstances where it may be insufficient. Unfortunately not all teeth can reach the

Things To Know About Replacing Missing Teeth


It’s widely recognised that dental implants are the best treatment for replacing missing teeth; but many people are put off from having them because they require a surgical procedure. In order to help anyone considering dental implants, we’ve answered 3

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Fed Up With Crooked Teeth? Discover The Ways We Can Help


Living with crooked, protruding, or misaligned teeth isn’t easy at any age but when you’re an adult the thought of undergoing orthodontic treatment can be somewhat daunting. Fortunately, with modern day orthodontics, straightening your teeth and getting the smile you’ve

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Everything You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening


Teeth whitening can be an easy and very effective way to quickly brighten up your smile. Whiter teeth are associated with youthfulness and good health, and a gorgeous white smile is often a great way to make a good first

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Facial aesthetics explained

White teeth

Roll back the signs of ageing in Purley! At Confidental Clinic we want to give a boost to your confidence and our team doesn’t stop at giving you a perfect smile; our goal is to make you feel unique, always

Missing tooth or teeth?

Image of a dental implant

Replacement options available at Confidental Clinic in Purley. There are many different methods of replacing missing teeth, every one of them having its own effectiveness. At Confidental Clinic we offer a wide range of options, which will suit your requirements

Special Summer Offer!

Botox and teeth whitening in Purley from just £350 during May. With Summer approaching, many of us will start to pack away our warmer winter clothes, perhaps heading on a shopping spree to find more colourful clothing to wear during

Restoration Through Prompt Treatment

dental surgery

Acting quickly, when a dental problem arises, can be the difference between saving and losing a tooth. On a day-to-day basis, most of us, with a healthy set of teeth, probably don’t give much thought to them other than when

When Gums Bleed

Symptoms and Treatment for Gum disease If you have ever noticed signs of blood when you spit after cleaning your teeth, it may be a sign that all is not well with your gums. There may also be other reasons