Month: November 2015

Dental Bonding and Gum Lifts

A look at two less well-known procedures available at our Purley dental practice. The majority of the blogs on our Confidental Clinic website are about ‘headline’ procedures such as dental implants, teeth straightening or tooth whitening. These are all excellent

Cleaning Between the Teeth – Our Purley Dentist Discusses

Oral health care means more than simply brushing your teeth. From a very young age, most of us are taught the importance of cleaning our teeth. How well we are taught, and how well we are supervised, can have a

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Crooked Teeth

Unexpected problems can occur when teeth are uneven. The British have a reputation for having crooked teeth. This has largely been exaggerated by American comedy programmes which perhaps is unsurprising from a country where cosmetic dentistry is commonplace. In the

Valuing NHS Dental Care

Why we are proud to be an NHS dentist in Purley. A lot could be written about the NHS, and a lot has and will be, from a political perspective for some time to come. What is almost certain though