Month: October 2015

An Affordable Whiter Smile in Purley!

nice white smile

Having a great smile does not have to cost the Earth. Cosmetic dentistry is sometimes associated with expensive treatments in the eyes of many. Whilst it is true that some procedures, such as dental implants, which require, skill, precision and

Cutting Costs, Cutting Corners

Image of a dental implant

The pitfalls of travelling abroad to have dental implants placed. It would be naive to think that people don’t consider the cost factor when looking at cosmetic dental treatments. Whilst some procedures, such as our popular teeth whitening procedure, are

Monsters Ghouls …. and Dentists?

Dentists are not as scary as you might think! Halloween is not far away and many children will dress up as ghosts, vampires and other scary creatures ….. but not us dentists! This, despite the fact that if you ask

Your Toothbrush and Why You Should Value It

dental surgery

Many of us use toothbrushes that are ineffective in preventing dental problems. It is not unusual for one of our Purley patients to express surprise when we tell them that they need to have a filling or two. “But I