Month: August 2015

Youth Trends and Oral Health

Looking at current trends and potential long term effects on teeth and gums. Defining youth can be quite difficult these days, with barriers between age groups perhaps less significant than they once were. That said, it is still in the

Restoring the Appearance of Severely Stained Teeth

whitened teeth on a lady

When teeth whitening isn’t sufficient, consider dental veneers. Our Purley dental practice regularly sees patients who are unhappy about the way that their teeth look. The most common of these complaints regards the colour of the teeth. In many cases,

How and Why we Extract Teeth

Smiling couple with great teeth

When other options are not viable, an extraction may be necessary. Our priority, as a dental practice, is to aid and encourage our patients to take good care of their teeth and gums and to recognise the importance of doing

Starting Young

The importance of your child’s oral health care. With more and reports coming out, seemingly each day, about the poor state of our children’s teeth, we thought that this would be an apt time to address this topic. As any