Month: June 2015

Is Root Canal Treatment Really Painful?

patient with dental fear

Looking at some of the misunderstandings surrounding this procedure. Ask most people what the worst type of pain they can imagine is and you can be fairly sure that quite a few will mention root canal surgery. The ‘myth’ of

The Effects of Smoking on Your Teeth And Gums

Our Purley dentist looks at the problems caused by this addictive habit. Although fewer people smoke now than was the case a number of years ago, perhaps due to a mixture of better health awareness, price and restrictions on places

Invisalign – Convenient and Comfortable

Invisalign braces

Almost invisible orthodontics now available at Confidental Clinic Purley. Having a set of evenly aligned teeth is one of the key factors in having a great smile. Without these, other procedures, such as a teeth whitening treatment can only help

Checking for Gum Disease

This common but treatable problem can lead to tooth loss. Mention gum disease and most of us will probably dismiss it unless we have experienced the bleeding gums so often mentioned in the TV adverts. Whilst bleeding gums is certainly

Dental Implants for Long Lasting Replacement Teeth

Image of a dental implant

Why dental implants are becoming an increasingly popular choice for our Purley patients. We all hope to keep our teeth for as long as we can, and generally a restoration such as a root canal treatment, crown or dental filling